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Are you stuck?

Sometimes you have to wait

in the dark

For what seems like forever


Certain no progress is being made,

not even a little growth

Nothing seems alive

You, least of all

It doesn’t even feel like waiting, truth be told,

Since waiting implies an end in sight —

and you haven’t seen one of those in ages.

You’re sure you’ve been abandoned


It seems as though your own soul may have deserted


But then one day

A day you didn’t think would come —

The smallest of cracks appears

Then the crack turns into an opening

Then the opening a breaking free.

Maybe it was the way the sun hit,

or how the rain fell

or the planets aligned

or maybe something deep within you simply knew:


But it’s not just that you’ve come back to life

You’re different.

The life within you feels humbler, since you know you

know less now.

And more grounded, since your roots were growing

deep all this time.

There was something happening, you understand now

something profound

in that slow and tedious germination.

It’s a miracle, isn’t it?

How even in the longest and most brutal of winters

thousands of seeds are plotting a most magnificent


Author : Leyla Aylin

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