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At Serenity Mental & Medical Health Clinic, we are your trusted partners in health. Our practices are dedicated to providing quality care by offering the highest level of service, which is why we have a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

It all starts with a healthy mind, and a fresh perspective. From there, focusing on your well-being, mental and emotional health, and physical wellness comes into play like never before. You’re taking the first steps on a journey, but you’re not taking them alone.

Whatever obstacles and struggles someone may be going through in life, we consider it a privilege to help them face these struggles and reduce the impact they have had on their lives. We understand that the patients we see are entrusting us to give them the right resources to guide them down a new path, with a new perspective, so they can achieve their own goals.

Therapist serenity health clinic

Medical Psychiatric areas of expertise:


Family Practice
Acute Care
Internal Medicine
Chronic Illness
Weight Loss/Management
Psychiatric Intake and Treatment
Medication Management
Substance Abuse Treatment
ADHD Treatment

Marital Therapy Serenity health clinic

Therapeutic areas of expertise:


Complex PTSD
Dissociative Disorders
Eating Disorders
Substance Abuse Disorders
ADHD in Adults (and Women)
Couples Therapy
ADHD Coaching

Our Services: Our Services

Psychiatric Intake; 200.00

Psychotherapy Intake; 120.00

Ongoing psychiatric care; 90.00 per half hour session

Ongoing therapy; 90.00 per hour session

For QB Check; QB Check is a computer generated test for ADHD.  It has been approved by the FDA as a reliable test to determine ADHD in Adults, Adolescents and Children.  We offer the test to those who would prefer to spend less money getting assessed and have results the day of testing.  Cost is 200.00 per test.


Safe and Sound Protocol; Safe and Sound Protocol was developed by Dr. Steven Porges to help individuals calm their nervous system.  It is a listening protocol that works by impacting the middle ear and thus the nervous system.  Clients often report an improvement in making clear decisions, calmer responses in interpersonal relationships, and greater insight into behaviors that no longer help an individual move forward in life.  The cost is 300.00 which allows you to listen to the protocol every three months for a year and you will have access to other programs that can be used to help maintain the changes made after listening to the Core Protocol.

Our Focus System combines auditory, balance, and movement activities to create a foundation for learning, attention, processing and behavior.This system is commonly used by mental health professionals to treat patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, or those experiencing issues with learning and attention.The key to the Focus System’s success lies in the concept of neuroplasticity – the idea that we can rewire the neural pathways in the brain through specific and repeated stimulation. For more information on this program and the research that is available please go to  The cost of this program is 350.00 to begin the program and a 100.00 rental fee for the materials needed.

While we are happy to file insurance for you, it is ultimately your responsibility to pay for services rendered should your insurance not cover these services and/or we are out of network with your insurance. We are happy to provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Forms of payment include all credit cards and HSA cards, checks, cash, VENMO, Zelle transfers

We charge 75.00 to any client who does not show up to their session and/or late cancels due to circumstances that are under their control (i.e., I changed my mind, I forgot to call, I need to go somewhere else). We understand if you are sick and/or have another unplanned event and will not charge you for missing a session. This is to ensure we can help as many individuals as possible due to our extensive waitlists.

Our Services: Text
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